Both sexes … } Both sexes wore jeweled collars made of strings of beads, as well as armbands, bracelets and anklets. Poor people and peasants wore rougher linen clothing made from thicker fibers. However, some slaves used simple clothing articles usually made of animal skin or linen. 5 out of 5 … Very little sewing was done to items as most clothing … A popular type of jewelry was the amulet, believed to protect the wearer. Egyptians used Kohl, a black substance that served as protection against the glare of the sun. Most men shaved their faces and priests had to shave their entire bodies. Perfect for layering, this sheer top puts a ruffled twist on the classic peasant blouse. White was the most common choice of color, but they also used red, blue and yellow. In the 1st century BC, Egypt became a province of Rome and cotton also became a component of Egyptian clothing. Event Planning. Linen was then dyed with plant dyes but was most often left in its natural color. Wealthy men and women often shaved their heads and wore wigs made of human hair, sometimes mixed with plant fiber. The goal of Egyptian jewelers was to make colorful objects, not items that could reflect light. Sandals were only worn for special occasions or when feet needed protection. It's just not today's modern woman, who spends quality time in front of a mirror doing her daily beauty routine, documented evidence proves that the practice of wearing makeup has its roots in ancient times. Email to friends Share on ... Hale Bob Women's L Metallic Ivory Peasant Blouse Top Silk Blend Long Sleeve. There was little change in the ancient Egyptian clothing for women during the Old, Middle, and the New Kingdoms and was relatively more conservative than mens clothing. It protected their skin from the damaging effects of the desert climate. Jul 28, 2011 - Peasant women carrying tribute. unclean. More Egyptian clothing including outfits worn by Egyptian soldiers and guardsmen. Since cotton was not produced in Egypt, it was imported from India. thefield.value = "" From shop CitizensUnitedApparl. a='