Quantity. The fillet includes the top sirloin and the belly. . Ora King Salmon has a beautiful bright, silvery skin with vibrant orange flesh. Oncorhynchus tshawytscha. Remove from packaging and defrost in the refrigerator 8 … Shipping calculated at checkout. Fresh never Frozen king Salmon, Rich and high in fat Some of the highest sought after Salmon. Ora King Salmon was raised in the crystal clear surrounds of the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand and is considered the "Wagyu of the Sea" in many culinary circles. It also is delicious pan-seared or grilled. It is rich and buttery with a firm texture. For Ora King salmon: 2 six-ounce salmon fillets. Order Ora King Salmon by the pound. The higher oil content of King Salmon makes this a must taste! Best Dish Australia JOACHIM LIM MPD Steak Kitchen, Victoria. portions or an entire fish that that’s been gilled, gutted and cleaned, Ōra King’s salmon will melt in your mouth and burn a hole in your wallet — just like Wagyu. Beautifully pink in flavour, this salmon will be the hero of any dinner party! Our Ora King Salmon has no artificial flavours, antibiotics or colours used throughout the life-cycle. King salmon eggs destined to produce Ōra King salmon are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from the Te Waikoropupu Springs near Golden Bay. Its natural high oil content can be seen in the striking marbled fat line within the orange flesh. This process emulates the natural life cycle of the fish — from fresh to saltwater. For Ora King salmon, a company farming and producing this unique breed of King salmon, the accolade comes as little surprise as their processes are all grounded in environmental awareness and sustainability. Get regular … King salmon eggs destined to produce Ōra King are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupu Springs at a hatchery in Takaka, which has been verified as having some of the clearest waters in the world. SAFE HANDLING — Keep frozen until ready to use. Ora King salmon is a good-sized fish that is farm-raised in New Zealand. 57 Likes, 2 Comments - Wabash Seafood Company (@wabashseafoodcompany) on Instagram: “Smoked Ora King Salmon ” Organic farmed King salmon from British Columbia ($25/pound at Captain Marden’s) is shiny with very white fat streaks. Species. Olive Oil Poached Ōra King by @cheftimhollingsworth Serves 2 Ingredients: 300gm Ōra King salmon fillet (skinless) Olive oil Semi-roasted tomatoes 2 x medium onions Large handful of basil 2-3 cloves of garlic Achiote beans (or pinto/black beans) – equivalent of around 1.5 cups of cooked beans Maldon sea salt . Ora King Salmon recommends not scaling the fish before eating. The flesh is firm, moist, and oily and has a large flake. It was AMAZING! The feed contains ingredients based on the nutritional requirements of wild salmon. ... You're viewing: Ora King Salmon … Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Ora King Smoked Salmon, $89.95, honolulufish.com. Ora King produces an exceptional King Salmon with a bright silver skin and bright orange flesh. It is home to Katmai National Park and Preserve. Our ora king salmon is sustainably farmed in New Zealand, ensuring consistent and readily available fresh fish all year round. We Fillet fish in our State inspected retail facility. The team at The New Zealand King Salmon Company has been committed to providing high quality, farmed-raised Ōra King Salmon to chefs and restaurants in the US and Canada … The King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) species makes up around 0.7% of the global salmon population and is regarded by many as the pinnacle salmon species internationally. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The 2019 Winners. In New Zealand, sea lice does not existent. Ora King Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytcha. New Zealand Premium Farmed King Salmon; The Salmon with many names: Chinook Salmon, King Salmon or Red Spring Salmon; Frozen available in 7.5oz Portions; Fresh available as whole, butterfly, steaks, portions or fillet as pre-order; Farm-raised in New Zealand under pristine conditions; Fresh Ora King Salmon are actually colour-graded as part of quality control – to ensure they’ve absorbed enough nutrients. The challenge was set to take a piece of art, across any medium, and interpret this on the plate with Ōra King salmon of course, as the hero. Easily the best salmon … Available in the form of skin-on, pin-boned fillets, individual 6-oz. King Salmon is a census-designated place (CDP) in Bristol Bay Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska.It is 284 miles (457 km) southwest of Anchorage.As of the 2010 census the population was 374, down from 442 in 2000. Only a select few New Zealand King Salmon are hand selected to be branded "Ora" King Salmon by a master grader. King salmon have the highest oil content of all salmon species. His salmon of choice is Ora King salmon from a farm in New Zealand that has earned awards for its quality of products and sustainable practices. Because they are fed for optimal constitution and are raised in pens where stocking density never exceeds 2% fish (to 98% water) – disease is rare – hence why no antibiotics are used in the feed – as sometimes occurs in other fish farms (albeit in minute dosages). We pack fresh fish with frozen gel packs and ship your fresh never frozen products directly to your door usually next day. I picked up a pound of this from wabash seafood for $20/lb because I was curious if it’s the real deal and worth the price premium over Whole Foods. How to prepare Salmon Ceviche This great recipe came from our great partners ORA King and from Chef Ollie Hansford. “Sustainability is a fundamental principle of Ora King,” says Jemma McCowan, general manager of marketing at Ora King salmon. You’ll notice the elegant balance of savory flavor with a soft, buttery texture that’s complex, yet delicate. Unit price / per . It's famous in raw preparations as well as cooked. Riviera Seafood Club's fresh Ora King Salmon is the best sushi and sashimi grade New Zealand King Salmon. Known as the Wagyu of Seafood, Ora King Salmon has a soft buttery texture. @mscelfo @waypointharvard # oraking # orakingsalmon # sustainablesalmon # sustainableseafood # artofplating # chefslife # nzsalmon # artonaplate by @bharen_: "Brûléed Ora King Salmon : Pomegranate Agrodolce, Fried Parsnip & Buttered Pearl Barley # waypointharvard # boston #artofplating # harvard # cambridge pc: mscelfo".. WOW! The belly is beautifully fatty, but as Chef Keller explains, … So, the salmon do not need to have thick scales or thick skin to protect themselves from being attacked. Characteristics. What makes this salmon special is its 25% fat content that offers a buttery and luscious texture in every bite. Best Dish Japan YASUHIRO TSUJI Arc-en-ciel Luxe Mariage Nagoya, Nagoya. Cooking Methods. Country. I mean, it was gorgeous with its marbled fat lines and yep, expensive. The Ōra King best of breed salmon showcases the ultimate of this rare and exclusive species. Ora king salmon. Ora King salmon products, first introduced locally by New Zealand’s King Salmon Company, are now available in the United States. The New Zealand King Salmon Company Co Ltd. 2 tablespoons canola oil. To everyone who entered the 2019 Ōra King Awards. Today, Ora King Salmon is even independently recognized as a unique breed! Oil Content: King salmon have the highest oil content of all salmon species. Best Dish New Zealand PHIL CLARK Phil’s Kitchen, Auckland. Known as the Wagyu of Salmon, Ōra King is the culmination of a classical breeding program that has spanned two decades and is designed to yield only the highest quality King salmon with the most appealing taste, texture and color. For the sixth annual Ōra King Awards, we wanted to challenge chefs to take their creativity to the next level. This is Ora King Salmon which has been described as the “Wagyu of the Sea” because the taste of this fish compares to no other. THE ORA KING DIET. King salmon’s attractive orange/red color, delicate texture, and characteristic rich flavor make it very appealing when served either raw, cooked, or smoked. “The Wagyu of salmon really describes what our salmon is all about,” Fabbro says. This dish is ideal to enjoy as a shared starter, and great served like a crudité style with Belgian endive or baby gem leaves to use as cups. Ora King Salmon Log in or create a free account to view contact information. Home › Ora-King Salmon portion Skinless Boneless (8oz) Ora-King Salmon portion Skinless Boneless (8oz) $11.99 $11.99. Kosher salt, to taste. Most importantly, ora king salmon come from the first and only king salmon ocean-farm to receive the Green Choice rating from the Seafood Watch program. The waters of this region have been verified as the clearest waters in the world, an ideal beginning to the life cycle for Ōra King salmon. Fish are bred and born inland in spring-fed hatcheries, then moved to sea pens in the cool, pure waters of Marlborough Sound of New Zealand. Freshly ground black pepper, to taste. Follow NYT Food on Twitter and NYT Cooking on Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest . The company is offering the fish whole, as fillets, and also in a cold smoked salmon product to high-end restaurants and retailers in the United States, the company said in a release. We guarantee our fresh Ora King Salmon is the best quality New Zealand King salmon you can find, perfect for sushi or sashimi. Get responsibly-sourced seafood delivered to your door! Showcasing New Zealand businesses who inherently demonstrate the unique characteristics of New Zealand and those who do a great job at telling their story. When I saw it at the market the other day, it immediately caught my eye because of it’s deep reddish flesh. 2 tablespoons unsalted butter Instructions: For the melted leeks: Place 1 tablespoon olive oil and the butter in a large skillet. They mature in the fast-flowing sea waters of the Marlborough Sound, thus emulating the lifecycle of the wild King salmon. It has a mild salmon-y taste with a beautiful, firm texture. This is great for healthy fish as well as a healthy aquatic environment to raise fish.