The west coast of Vancouver Island is carved into five principal sounds, each with its own flavour and culture. It's truly a tip that has to be seen to be believed. All Rights Reserved. They are currently cruising down the Central American coast. Fog is a summertime hazard in the Pacific Northwest. From Cojo it was a daysail to Santa Barbara, where we dropped anchor east of Stearn’s Wharf in 15-30ft of water. Watch never-before-seen interviews and stills from the road. It is the site of the Ozette Village, which was buried by a mudslide in 1560. Enquire now. At Coupert you get just the finest. Toward noon we rounded Morro Rock, the sugarloaf mountain that marks the entrance to the bay, and dropped anchor behind the sand spit in beautifully calm water. But to cruise there safely, with a chance to see and explore pristine wilderness in all its moods, you need time. Humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises are often around when we are sailing offshore. Guide to Cruising & Sailing The West Coast of Vancouver Island Including the Bunsby Islands & the Broken Group . Interested persons please send private message by messenger with resume. We strolled past the old canning factories on Cannery Row, now converted into trendy shops and restaurants, but decided not to pay the breathtaking price for a ticket into the aquarium, as we probably see most of the exhibits from our back deck. The next day we motored through Three Mile Slough, a sinuous, narrow waterway that connects the Sacramento River to the San Joachim River, then hoisted the sails in the main channel and had a leisurely trip up to Potato Slough against the ebbing tide. One of the best ways to get away from it all in the Bay Area is a cruise up “the Delta,” where the Sacramento and San Joachim rivers drain into the northern end of San Francisco Bay forming a nest of flat windswept islands and shallow muddy channels. Although Richardson Bay is huge, its average depth is only about 5ft making it inaccessible to most cruising sailboats. Our cruising grounds stretch from the Mull of Kintyre in the south to Cape Wrath in the north-east and St Kilda in the north west – this area is about 200nm north to south (about the distance from Dover to Plymouth). The author and her husband, Neil, have been cruising fulltime for more than a decade. Gemiler: Gulets anchored between the island and the mainland. Nothing was known of the village until a storm in 1970 exposed some of its remains and archaeologists have since uncovered six long houses. West Coast Sailing has previously worked with Melges to offer their build of the 29er Skiff class, and is excited to partner once again to offer the Melges 15 double handed dinghy to sailors up and down the west coast as a new regional dealer. Can an albatross remain awing in the worst of weathers?” Randall Reeves has always found images to be the most compelling part of the stories we tell about the more, American Magic's Patriot capsized during day three of the Prada Cup. The overnight passage from Monterey to Morro Bay around Point Sur was a rip-roaring sail, with a 6ft swell and winds gusting over 40 knots on the starboard beam. West Coast Sailing receives its first shipment of the new doublehanded Melges 15 in early 2021. How To . Next day we crossed the bay to Monterey and dropped the pick in the harbor to the east of Fisherman’s Wharf. West Coast Sailing Store & Café is looking for a motivated, dedicated person, who is sociable and fully bilingual. The density and diversity of sea mammals off the coast of California is remarkable. You cannot be on a schedule. We dinghied around to the Pirates Lair, a small marina and pub that is a popular haunt for sailors; it was a treat to prop up the bar and have a chat to some of the locals. The offshore route, staying 60 to 100 miles off the coast, is the faster passage; it has stronger winds and higher seas but adds extra miles to the voyage. Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” It was mid-summer, but we still had not reached the warm water and sun-drenched beaches we had been dreaming about—we needed to keep moving south. Launched in May 2020, the Melges 15 prioritizes stability, comfort, ease of use, and performance. Wandering among them with the sunlight piercing through the canopy was quite a spiritual experience. After spending a glorious spring cruising in the Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia, we re-entered the United States at Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. Unfortunately, it was foggy, so we were unable to appreciate the spectacular entrance into San Francisco Bay itself. Don’t, but you’ve got to treat it with respect! We also became landlocked, more. It was great fun to watch them going about their business in the still water of the bay, their bodies sleek and sinuous as they dive then surface clutching a clam and a rock. San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is an easy day sail and a convenient place to overnight on the way down the coast. We anchored for the first night at China Camp, a cove on the southwest side of San Pablo Bay that was settled by Chinese shrimp-fishermen in the 1880s. Sailing the West Coast of Galicia, Spain Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; Cruising Guide to the Rias Baixas. Sailing Totem: Watch Keeping on Passages. Visiting the Battery Point lighthouse was a trip back in time, and from the top we had a stunning view of the rocky shoreline northwards up the coast. The new boat appeals to a variety of sailors for recreation, cross-training, club racing, and education. No sailing experience is needed for sailing Key West. Noté /5. There are a few simple rules that will help you to get it right, and once you understand the “why” it all becomes pretty clear and logical. These magnificent trees grow over 200ft tall and more than 20ft in diameter. A colony of sea otters lives in Morro Bay at the foot of the Rock close to the anchorage. We were interested in visiting some of these ports, but they are often closed during bad weather and it’s not uncommon to be locked in for several days. Unfortunately, shortly after setting out, the boat encountered major power-generation issues. After enjoying a summer of leisurely cruising through the Inside Passage in Alaska and British Columbia, we reached Canoe Cove on Vancouver Island where we had decided to haul out for the winter. We rounded the Point and anchored for the night at Cojo Anchorage, a small cove just behind Point Conception with a fantastic view of the lighthouse. About eight of the vessels remain at Suisun. Sailing the Lycian Coast (West) The Lycian Coast runs from Marmaris to Antalya, but the most popular sailing area the the western part, running from Marmaris to Olu Deniz, just past Gocek and Fethiye Bays. Photo about Sailing on the Coast of California. There was not much swell in the anchorage, but we were still buffeted by the northerly winds. Sailing on the West coast of Scotland is the dream holiday, whatever the season. West Coast Sailing is North America's leading source for small sailboats, sailboat parts, and sailing apparel, founded in June 2005 with the vision to be the leading resource for products, services, and information for the sailing industry. If you decide to visit and find yourself moored close to one of our members (identified by the burgee above) feel free to say hello and you will undoubtedly be given local advice. The anchorage is exposed to winds from the north, but luckily it was light and from the west-southwest so we enjoyed a calm night. Email: People. Point Conception is the headland that marks the boundary between the mostly northwest-southeast trending coast in Northern California and the east-west trending coast of Southern California. How does a wave curl and crash at 47 degrees south? The public landing on the pier is the only place to tie up a dinghy but it is not very secure, is subject to some swell and is often cluttered with sea lions. It is another cape with a bad reputation for strong winds and rough seas, but we had a beautiful sail with a 15-20 knot breeze in smooth seas. Santa Barbara is known as the “American Riviera;” the Spanish-style buildings, the long sandy beach and the warm sunny climate do give the city a Mediterranean feel. With candor and humor, this series proves that you don't need to be an expert or a millionaire to cast off on the journey of a lifetime. The sheltered waters of the Clyde are right on our doorstep with quiet anchorages, busy towns, and fishing villages and modern marinas all within easy reach. specialises in Sailing Weather Forecasts... We provide 7-day Wind and Wave Forecasts to help sailors with their passage planning and weather routing. Our plan was to spend the summer following the sun southwards down the California coast. Population centers are spaced futher apart. “West Coast Sailing is very excited to offer and support this amazing new class which we believe is the future for adult double-handed sailing across the country,” said Jake Sorosky, West Coast Sailing. Find out more about our skippered charters. Heard too many tough stories and warnings about the Portuguese west-coast and getting a bit nervous about sailing along this coast? Potato Slough is made up of a number of channel loops known as “the dormitories,” and we enjoyed paddling our inflatable kayak around the islands and channels, poking in amongst the reeds and watching the cormorants roosting in the trees. We were waiting for a big fat high to settle in the northeast Pacific to give us a steady northerly wind for the passage south. If you are visiting Oban, the Oban Harbour website contains much useful information, including details of the new traffic management scheme. With its rock-studded … The waters vary from the relatively sheltered passages around Oban and the Inner Hebrides to very remote and challenging areas like St Kilda and parts of the Outer Hebrides. Iconic South Beach . The story and numerous artifacts are displayed in the Makah Museum in the village. We lived aboard all through that winter, and as we shoveled snow off the decks and slithered across the ice to the washrooms, it was dreams of hot sunny California days that kept us going. With shifting sandbars and strong winds and tides, it helps to have some local knowledge. To alternate shifts during weekdays and weekends. The winter of 2016-17 was one of the coldest on record in southern British Columbia. A swan 391 strikes out beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, and its crew discovers that they have the West Coast nearly to themselves. Following the 1906 earthquake the population swelled as residents from Chinatown fled the devastation, but now the settlement is uninhabited and is a national park. After getting skunked in December, INEOS Team UK has swept the first two races in the Prada Cup elimination series of the 36th America’s Cup  Racing took place on racecourse “C,” sheltered between Auckland’s North Head and Bastion Point to take advantage of more, On the eve of the Prada Cup challenger series, the official start of the 36th America’s Cup, New York Yacht Club American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson says it’s anyone’s game. If you haven't yet watched the catastrophe unfold with your own eyes, check out the above video or any number of others that are circulating on social media. Trouver des images haute résolution de qualité dans la banque d'images Getty Images. Finding a balance between the wind and the tides for a passage up the Sacramento River makes the difference between having a fantastic sail or a slow bumpy ride. Still, we were glad to drop the anchor in Richardson Bay off the Sausalito waterfront and spend a few days unwinding. After waiting a week for a break in the strong to gale-force northerlies, we finally opted to motorsail around Cape Mendocino in light southerly headwinds but with the favourable south-setting California Current. There are two strategies for heading south: the inshore route is prone to coastal hazards such as crab pots, fog and heavy shipping, but gives you the opportunity to visit ports in Washington and Oregon along the way. March 21, 2011. Voir cette photo intitulée Sailing Along The Barbados West Coast. The Melges 15 features a narrow overall beam and a flat cross-section shape for stability, righting moment, … It was not to last; soon a small low brought headwinds, then calm, then more fog. are are here to help you find the perfect RS sailboat for your personal sailing, your family, or your sailing program. Like most of us, though, education, a family and a career took precedence, and before I knew it, we had mortgages, young children and endless work obligations. Hobart is an official port of entry, so all customs, immigration and biosecurity facilities are available. Club members regularly cruise to Northern Ireland, Orkney, Shetland and Norway. Young and Restless: Cruising Millennial Style. Many harbors on the Washington coast have bar entrances that are treacherous when a big Pacific swell rolls in from the west. Backed by 15 Years of Industry Experience. Their furry, whiskered faces seem to concentrate as they hit the clam with the rock to open it, then eat it and do it all over again. We anchored inside the breakwater off the river mouth. Then we will sail to MBYC in Little River, SC. Santa Cruz is a wonderfully, shamelessly tacky place full of fairground kitsch. Crescent City was established in the 1850s during the California gold rush and must have been a wonderfully decadent and debauched place back then. In 1964 it was devastated by a tsunami, and it seems to have been in decline ever since. The only downside to anchoring at Santa Cruz was the difficulty of getting ashore. In the morning as the land heats up fog is sucked through the Slot, billowing in under the Gate and rolling over the Sausalito hills. Leaving Half Moon Bay we dodged the crab pots that are a constant hazard in the coastal waters of California, and which we always kept a careful lookout for out until we reach a depth of about 300ft. For the first couple of days of the passage we had perfect sailing conditions; we were 60 miles out, enjoying glorious sunshine and a 15 to 20-knot northerly breeze, and making good time. Latest. It’s possible to anchor on either side of the pier, and the bay is calm and well protected, but the noisy barking and grunting from the sea lion colony under the pier does tend to disturb the peace. We decided to sit out the bad weather in Crescent City, a town lying just south of the Oregon border. The new boat appeals to a variety of sailors for recreation, cross-training, club racing, and education. Sailing down the west coast of Western Australia provided MrJ and I with a real cross section of conditions from 40-50knot gale winds lasting for days to hundreds of nautical miles of motor sailing while heading into light to rough conditions. Happily, the distances between the sounds’ protected inlets are relatively short, allowing cruising boaters to spend evenings anchored in a sheltered cove or bay. The pier and the amusement park on the boardwalk are a huge tourist draw, but most of the crowds were on the beach enjoying a warm summer day. Four days into the passage we were approaching Cape Mendocino, which has a very bad reputation, and gales were forecast. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion It was our first landfall in California. We purchased her in Ft. Pierce, Florida, and have arrived to sail her to Mass, for the summer & fall. People. The anchorage is sheltered from the strong tidal currents that sweep much of the Bay area, but is exposed to the wind. We left Broome on the 28 th July 2013 and arrived in Princess Royal Harbour at Albany on the 4 th October 2013. The low-frequency foghorn blasts of the ships in the Strait of Juan de Fuca sounded bovine and mournful as we passed them in the murk. West Coast Sailing announced its partnership shortly after the sale of one hundred M15s in just seven short months and right before the start of the inaugural Winter Series. Our cruising grounds stretch from the Mull of Kintyre in the south to Cape Wrath in the north-east and St Kilda in the north west – this area is about 200nm north to south (about the distance from Dover to Plymouth). Sailors on the east coast can gunkhole and fuss about in protected waters, we on the west coast stick our noses out over the sandbar and we're open ocean sailing with something called swells. So, we are about to start another journey, on a new boat, 43' Morgan named ENDLESS, but will be changed to Spirit. We enjoyed the company of pods of dolphins and watched humpback whales breaching as we passed under the Golden Gate bridge. Visiting cruisers usually drop the pick close to the entrance where they are exposed to swell from across the Bay, boat traffic from Belvedere and the afternoon sea breeze, all of which contribute to make it a fairly rolly anchorage. 1. We are proud supporters ofr the RS moto, 'Sail it. On the west coast only Strahan has some facilities. Before and during deliveries, ocean races, regattas, cruises, and all other types of offshore … Finally, as well as reminding you that you will need a full set of charts, we recommend the large scale charts of the more interesting anchorages produced by Antares Charts. To complete the circuit the ideal passage is to sail down the west coast of Mull which is also exposed to the vagaries of Atlantic weather systems. With a flood tide and a 15-knot westerly wind we had a fabulous sail through the Carquinez Strait and past the mouth of the Napa River. Sailing the West Coast of Ireland, wild atlantic way, Ireland West Coast, Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, Kerry, Galway, Cork, Ireland, cruising, driving, Just a short bus ride inland lie the northernmost forests of California Redwoods. After a week of sight-seeing in San Francisco, we were satiated and in need of a rest. The Boat Sales & Prep Associate helps our customers get on the water in their new boats, answering questions, rigging and assembling, and helping manage shipments across the country. West Coast Sailing is the West Coast USA regional distributor for the entire range of RS sailboats and a key voice in the development of RS racing and sailing activities in North America. San Francisco and the Delta provided some enjoyable cruising during a two-week stopover. Live it. Sailing the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2017 (Part I) aboard a 1978 Islander Bahama 30. Guides and Pilotage. The water was warm enough to swim and fresh enough to serve as a shower too—was this summer at last? West Coast Sailing was founded in 2005 with one vision: to be the leading resource for products, services, and information in the small sailboat industry. ... Skippered Key West sailing charters. We had finally made it to the sun. "As we've seen in the last week, everyone's gotten faster," said Hutchinson said at the event’s more, Endless Media's Reaching Reality is the story of three friends, a 24-foot sailboat and 1,200 miles. It is another cape with a bad reputation for strong winds and rough seas, but we had a beautiful sail with a 15-20 knot breeze in smooth seas. After passing by Pittsburgh, we anchored in a meander of the river behind Delta Island. There are modern full-service marinas in the busier areas, but over most of the area you must expect facilities to be few and far between and you will often be anchoring – the reward is fantastic scenery, anchorages to yourself and ‘busy’ means the next-door berth may be occupied! It's a lee shore with tidal ranges sometimes ten feet in hieght. Sunshine and blue sea, palm trees and beach volleyball—it was just like a Californian postcard. We set off for a long weekend exploring the Delta, buddy-boating with seasoned Bay sailors Sylvia and Barry on Iolani, a Hughes 48 yawl. The bible for island hoppers is Hamish Haswell-Smith's "The Scottish Islands", which describes every island and indicates where the most useful anchorages are. Launched in May 2020, the Melges 15 prioritizes stability, comfort, ease of use, and performance. We rolled in the headsail and put three reefs in the main but were still racing along at 7-8 knots—that’s fast for us! Boats heading south tend to gather here to refuel, discuss weather and route planning, and to wait for the right weather to leave. Thank you to everyone on the West Coast from US Sailing! Photo about Sailing on the west coast in summer. Our last stop before leaving the Strait of Juan de Fuca was Neah Bay, part of the Makah American Indian Reservation. As compensation, the view is quite incredible; Sausalito, Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge are close by, with the San Francisco waterfront, the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the background. We think the West Coast of Scotland has the best and most varied sailing water in the world. "I took the decision to turn more, “What is the color of the ocean that rolls beneath Pacific trades? It was fascinating to sail among these old relics of former glory. It offers the perfect gateway for sailing the southeast Florida coast and the renowned Florida Keys. WHISKY AND THE WEST COAST. We were glad it was a wide shelf with few other boats around! West Coast Sailing, based in Ensenada, Mexico, and San Diego, offers Learn to Sail vacations for beginning sailors or those who would like to gain more experience. Thinking of Sailing on the West Coast? More Destinations. A light northwesterly breeze filled in during the afternoon and we had a pleasant sail to Santa Cruz, arriving just before sunset. Your captain can take care of the sailing while you relax with friends and family. Choose from 28 live West Coast Sailing coupons & coupon codes for January 2021 and take 15% OFF at West Coast Sailing. We held our breath as we passed under the railway bridge at Benicia (charted at 70ft vertical clearance at HHW) and then entered Suisun Bay where we sailed amongst the “mothball fleet,” a collection of WWII warships that forms part of the National Defence Reserve Fleet. Whether you’re treading its white sandy beaches, marvelling at its majestic glens, or sailing between its unique islands, exploring Scotland’s iconic west coast by boat is an unforgettable experience. Join a dynamic small business dedicated to supporting the sailing community. Mrs. Ann Ashton The weather in the center of the bay—an area known locally as the Slot—is determined by the inland low-pressure systems created by the very high temperatures in the Central Valley. Sailing the wild side of Tasmania, its west coast, has been a long held goal: remote, rugged, less frequented, all aspects we value. We think the West Coast of Scotland has the best and most varied sailing water in the world. In June 2016 we had sailed across from Hawaii to Sitka in southeast Alaska aboard Distant Drummer, our Liberty 458. West Coast Sailing receives its first shipment of the new doublehanded Melges 15 in early 2021. Other useful sources of information are Sail Scotland, which includes information about charter companies, and the publication Welcome Anchorages , which is focused on locations with visitor moorings & pontoons. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media company. The 2021 series comes to a wrap on … Part time, federal min (Sorry no-smokers). West Coast Sailing Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo —— Good morning, sea lovers ! Traditional wooden vessels compete in the Classic Regatta of San Vicente Click on the photos to view the gallery full sized. Our base will be Fairhaven Shipyard till around October 20th! Sailing Vacation along the California Coast. The West Coast is a different type of sailing than found on the East coast. more, Who saw that coming? Sailing the East Coast May 31, 2019!