Since the early Nineties, the paint company synonymous with quirkily evocative nomenclature has been the premium brand for quality paints, as … Nonsense. Choose a fabulous colour from a different, more affordable range and love it for what it is. Who am I kidding, my budget is already smashed to smithereens but you know what I mean. Whereas the copy, well, didn’t. That same month I was also asked to paint another set of bedroom furniture, but the clients specified Farrow & Ball ‘Elephants Breath’ estate eggshell, to match in with their new bed. Farrow and Ball Wimborne White – “A perfect, soft all-rounder that I like for ceilings if rooms aren’t too tall” Henriette von Stockhausen. Why, the cutting in would not blend in with the rolling on of the paint. Mention the phrase Farrow & Ball and chances are names such as Elephant's Breath and Cornforth White spring to mind. I fell in love with Shaded White for our hallway, so my husband to save money had it colour matched. Paying for two tins of F&B breaks my heart (bank balance) xx, Hi there Rebecca. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), Hi and welcome to all things Moregeous :-) Thanks for commenting Sara, that’s so interesting to read. My current project involves going away from paper to bare walls. Farrow and Ball Pitch Black Benjamin Moore Deep Royal Pratt and Lambert Designer White. Use our store locator to find a showroom or stockist. Tag me in on a picture of your finished room on Instagram! It’s almost impossible to get an identical wood paint if you’re going for a complete floor to ceiling look. The original is a classic mid-grey described as “reminiscent of an elegant 18th century Swedish colour” and perfect with my Designers Guild wallpaper. You could use a copy as the base coat if you’ve a large area to do. Not sure where to start? They're also pretty pricey, and we don't have a local supplier here in Madison. It’s not a secret anymore that independent and DIY store paint-mixing services will ‘copy’ F&B colours into their brand of paint et voila! Hmm… it looks like you haven’t added anything to your basket yet. Great gray paint color Farrow & Ball Paint No.242 Pavilion Gray. Video: Moregeous Design Re-design At The Flower Lounge, Didsbury, Bye Bye Every Day Lunchtime Lives, As We (Slowly) Emerge From Lockdown, Eight Steps To A (Your Home Made) Perfect Renovation. This opens up the never-ending debate of water-based vs oil-based, which again is rolled out on a … F&B probably won’t like me saying that, but I don’t work for them and this isn’t a sponsored post! I was disappointed with the way I saw it go up and the marks I could see even after 3 coats of the blue. However, no copy is better than the original – isn’t that true of everything in life? Here are our favourite Farrow & Ball blue paint colours. Would you wear a saddo snidey Rolex or a pair of fake Choo’s? The simple fact is that this brand of paint is very good quality, with less water and more pigments in it than cheaper paint on the market. Sian . On the exterior fence woodwork I used a grey primer & undercoat, then the F&B copy colour, then the F&B ‘real’ colour. I haven’t been able to grow one of the Government’s magic Money Trees. ( Log Out /  I blog about my life immersed in property and design 24/7 and our labour of love renovation which has no end date! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Some people say F&B isn’t as durable as other paints designed specifically to be hard wearing, Dulux Endurance for eg., and that’s as maybe. Mr M went mad when we estimated the final amounts as it’s a Edwardian house with high ceilings and large rooms! Try paint matching to a F&B copy in a couple of years – good luck with that. Why buy Alaskan Dead Salmon when you can have Farmed Dead Salmon eh? Farrow & Ball in many cases have to be painted 3 coats or used with Farrow & Ball undercoat, and after few months when you will do touch up on them is visible under light. Mush 01. They differ on their colour palettes and selection of oil-based/water-based (namely F&B do not produce oil-based paint). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I like the idea of using a copy as the first coat with F&B on top if you’ve got a large area. Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball | 8. From expensive paint companies " Paint and Paper Library " is quiet nice choice. I’m pleased with the F&B colours I chose for my living room (Peignoir and Stiffkey Blue) and the Peignoir in particular is a lovely soft grey-pink colour that I’m not sure could have been replicated. Medium Mushroom Paint Colors . In the image above both paints are dry, even though the F&B on the right looks wet. A warm red-brown terracotta Farrow & Ball Paint No.247 Terre D'Egypte. Oh, the dilemmas cause by the combination of a reno to finish and the love of a damn good paint colour. I did one job with it and said never again. You know the score if you’re an interiors addict who’s embarked upon a renovation of your own or let’s face it, just a simple room makeover. It’s all down to budget at the end of the day. Benjamin Moore Horizon. It was flat and unappealing when compared to the real thing, even though beforehand it’d looked perfectly acceptable, quite nice even. Great Rooms Painted in Farrow & Ball's Best Colors. Landlord (a nice one). I would love to see more photos of your renovations, the ceiling in the bathroom looks amazing! Farrow & Ball is renowned for its distinctive neutral shades, which have a rich, absorbing depth of colour (their long-lasting finish is water based, low odour and eco friendly). It wasn’t ‘shiny’ in real life, just much more luminescent, bouncing the light around beautifully. Modern Emulsion is our super-tough finish for interior walls and ceilings. Despite low funds I will end up saving for the colour that I need, it makes such a difference to how you feel in that space, and every time you walk into the room thereafter it will show how much you value yourself. * Discount applied after completed consultation. Genuine question: Does anyone actually report crime anymore or have we all given up…, Trio of absolute scrotes in M14 this afternoon, giggling after stealing belongings from an NHS nurse. Hi ,it has been interesting reading the comments on F&B paint, taking a couple of comment’s on board. I'm looking for some advice on paint. We think this is the best Farrow & Ball paint colour for those wanting a darker striking effect. When decorating you are living with that colour every day, it effects your mood and state of mind. Da mer eller mindre de fleste malingsprodusentene i etterkrigstiden gikk over til å bruke billig råmateriale i sine produksjoner holdt Farrow & Ball fast på sine originale oppskrifter og produksjonsmetoder. Hi all, we are painting our kitchen cupboards next week and the wood surround. A rich plum-brown, Farrow & Ball Paint No.254 Pelt for an elegant atmosphere in the dining room, looks great with white trim. Blimey, what a surprise when I returned. The coveted Farrow & Ball colour card, featuring our carefully curated palette of 132 shades and the intriguing story behind each colour name. I’ve read some very arsey forums posts from decorators saying Dulux and Crown copies are just as good as the real thing. , With a colour such as Cromarty do you think I could get away with the copy as a first coat? How did you get on? This past few weeks we’ve been decorating a guest bedroom and the main bathroom  here at Moregeous Mansions. x, Thanks for the advice and yes will do!! Paint and Paper Library Slate II – ” The perfect neutral – at once warm pebble and sandy grey, it sits beautifully next to any white” Sophie Elborne. Farrow & Ball paint did do a good job in the stain-resistance test, but so did Satin Enamel Behr Premium Plus Ultra. All about the most popular paint colors. I hope that’s been helpful if you’re in a paint dilemma as to what to do and please feel free to fire any questions my way x, Lady builder / interior designer / renovator. Breaking it *even* more. Paint My Place works with Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Farrow & Ball paints. © 2020 Farrow & Ball Ltd. All rights reserved. x, How To Decide Whether To ‘Copy’ Expensive Paint, Testing Farrow & Ball ‘Copy’ Paint in Pitch Black – MOREGEOUS, Article Share: Thinking of paying £££ for Online Coaching? Price-wise we are in the same ball park. ( Log Out /  However, the struggles he had applying and the amount of times he cursed me(!) – who needs to buy F&B if the budget won’t stretch to it. This sort-of-cheating has worked well for us outside with all the fence panels and garden trellis.And so to inside. No, course you wouldn’t, so don’t do it with paint. Shop. The paint match looked an entirely different colour at different times in the day and definitely lacked the luminosity of F&B. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Our super tough finish for interior walls and ceilings, How we’re reducing our environmental impact, Get straight to the products and info you need. If you need that finish, I’d suggest buying a Dulux Endurance paint and associated colour. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. everytime you … Much of the outside is F&B’s Railings, with Pitch Black for some of the internal window frames and main bathroom, and a splash of Pavilion Grey in the guest bedroom. It’s no secret that Farrow and Ball is known for beautiful paints. TV property show project manager. F&B always seem particular about using their undercoats, primers etc (obviously) but I think for the average house painting it would surely be hard to tell the difference? Subtle neutral or striking metallic, delicate floral or classic stripe - whatever your style, you'll find it among our handcrafted wallpapers. Farrow & Ball Elephants Breath On the guest bedroom ceiling, coving and walls, I first used a white, water based, bare plaster paint, then a coat of the F&B Pavilion Grey copy. I’d probably have said paint over! Only that’s just it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. However as we need to prime and paint every wall in the house (5bed) it will cost a small fortune using F&B even though we are doing the actual painting bit ourselves. Discover deeper, richer colours in an eco-friendly water base, plus high-performance finishes to transform your home inside and out. Farrow & Ball ble grunnlagt av kjemikerne John Farrow og Richard Ball på 40-tallet i Dorset, England. Its palette is wide ranging, so, to making choosing easier, neutral shades are divided into six families, each with four colours that work seamlessly together. View all posts by Moregeous. I’ve used copies in rentals and been happy with the result, but some copies are definitely better than others. Interior Design | Property Consultancy | Workshops | Supper Clubs. Thankyou for this post. We have never looked back. ( Log Out /  Perhaps no paint company is more famous for its colors than upscale Farrow & Ball. Consider using it as an all-over colour for a really striking effect, as shown below. They’re not identical. They might be good paints, but they will not be ‘copies’, either in colour or finish. ... and it is lovely and I'll continue to do that, it's just this one colour in farrow and ball that i like. I then painted the wall with half of each and the difference was huge in our sometimes bright, sometimes gloomy hall. Workshops, supper clubs and Live online tutorials at Moregeous Mansions. More photos coming up as we get more done! In price of FB and Little Greene For more information, read our FAQs. Offer available in the UK, US, Canada, France and Germany. Dulux VS Farrow & Ball Author psydro Posted on May 17, 2018 November 7, 2019 Others , Property and Home When you’re planning to refurbish your home, choosing the best supplier for paint and wallpaper can be a tough job, as you need a combination of high-quality products at an affordable price. Even the ‘Whites’ are different. Stay well await from F&B. Fired Earth quickly followed Farrow & Ball and by the time Little Greene persuaded us to take in their wonderful paint, we already had Sanderson and Paint … Educate yourself before you pay someone else to do it, Companies NB : Customer care = More important than Influencer noise, Interview: “Not Your Usual Landlord” Chatting all things rental in the NRLA Magazine, Winter 2020, Win A Place For A Deserving Pal on “Four Weeks To Rock A Roast”, Vid & Images : Boozy Brunch-Lunch & An Online Cook-Along. Farrow and Ball’s Off-Black is one of the most used black paints in interiors due to its softness. Alternative colours for 51 - Sudbury yellow from the Farrow and Ball colour range and convert colours to and from the RAL, BS4800, BS5252, BS2660 and BS381C, Pantone, DIN 6164, Australian Standard 2700, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Federal Standard 595, Dulux Trade and NCS ranges. Washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould, it’s suitable for use in every room.DISCover modern emulsion, Get tailored advice from our colour experts online and enjoy 15% off paint and paper when you complete your virtual colour consultation before 28th February*. Farrow & Ball have grouped their greys into different families of neutrals and these range from the classics, which are hardly grey, to the colder, more architectural shades. I don’t know why your comment has only just shown up Rod, I apologise. But since, Farrow and Ball have improved there paints, they have added 20% pigment to them. He has used it over the years and every time comments how he doesn’t like the way it goes on. Pine furniture and Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell. Lick makes it easy to decorate. … ( Log Out /  Best for: a four wall blue, this is a slightly less dramatic blue to Hague Blue so can be used to paint a whole room. Or cut your budget elsewhere to afford the real thing. Shop paint Shop wallpaper. Love any advice. You can brush up on our cookies policy here. Stone Hearth by Benjamin Moore | 6. However, the British company's paint costs about $100 a gallon, and Consumer Reports rated it … I do love your idea for a cheaper, darker undercoat for the darker F&B colours, I wish I’d thought of that, it might have saved us some hassle! We have all heard of the Farrow & Ball's, Sanderson's and Little Greene's of the paint world but does spending more on paint actually make a difference, or is it all just a marketing gimmick? My decorator (he has 20+ years of experience and 10years with my family in one way or another) tried to encourage me away from F&B for my living room and I didn’t want to due to the pigment level in the colours. This required the more tried and tested method of prep, prime, undercoat + 3x eggshell. Ever since Farrow & Ball chose us to be their first-ever paint stockist, we have endeavoured to seek out quality products. As a visual artist colour is really important to me, when I paint pictures the colour needs to be vibrant and have depth, it needs to be clean and crisp. My question, (as I like the paper) is do I strip or paint over?.The house is 30 years old and the walls are the dry lined sort, so I’m aware I could need a plasterer.I usually do my own P&D as I can be very particular, (Mrs H would say peculier). You make a good case, I’ve gone through a very similar process of consideration. Plus some colours are ‘easier’ to copy. Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore | 3. Georgian era Victorian homes. I decided to do a little experiment and painted about 1/3 of the ceiling with a second coat of the copy and the rest with the real stuff, wandering off to do something else whilst it dried. Current delivery times are 3-5 working days for paint orders and 7 working days for wallpaper (excluding archived wallpapers). I need to revamp my whole house and have fallen in love with some Farrow and Ball colours. For the same volume and in similar colours to Farrow and Ball, this paint is €20 cheaper. So far so costly. Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball | 5. We’ve got floor-to-ceiling inspiration for every room of your home. I’m not trying to persuade everyone to buy F&B, just show copies aren’t, well, copies! Plus, I made a little video which sums up my findings: I was genuinely taken aback. With it, you can “paint” a wall in your home In a color using your finger. Thanks. Once you have found your family, you can then choose how dark or light you want to go and also vary the shades between woodwork and wall and know that they will go. If you know how to paint nicely, at first glance, it will look like it has covered in one. I simply cannot afford F&B all the way. As the house will be used for events and location shoots, I’m keen to make the interior something special but I don’t have an endless pot of money. Mylands are also a smashing brand for tough paint, they use it on film sets, dontcha know. X. This top coat method is a way of getting F&B colour on a large reno without breaking my budget. Order everything you need, from designer paint to modern & contemporary wallpaper to blinds and decorating supplies online. Their colours do look so very different at different times of the day, I like that too. I’ve only painted our bathroom so far in Blackened and Dimpse and I love the way they look different at different times of the day, maybe you don’t get that with the copies? Discount valid until 04/04/21. The Moregeous paint brushes have been dipped into most high street paint brands, plus into Farrow & Ball and also into ‘copies’ of the aforementioned. Little Greene paint across the range is genuinely fab. I didn’t actually expect there to be much of difference on such a neutral colour and assumed the contrast would be much more subtle. They’re just that, copies. Farrow & Ball Chappell Green. And I have done this myself. You know what I’m talking about right? 1hr 17mins on hold to Manchester 101 to report a crime, 101 - Now 54 minutes on hold. Keen gardener and cook. Our emails are bursting with bright ideas. Delivery times may be longer than usual and vary based on your location – please take this into account when ordering. But there are many other blues that are worth mentioning. Farrow and Ball used to be paints not even a professional decorator would want to use. I'm Sian, an interior designer, property renovator, self-builder, landlord and DIYer. it has convinced me to go with different products for the rest of my house. It’s been dubbed the “influencers colour of the year” with many an Instagram interior fans showing off their latest Farrow & Ball Railings paint job. I’m happy with the colours but equally happy to move away from the being part of the trendy F&B crowd and go back to good old Dulux. Explore our distinctive palette of paint colours and discover handcrafted wallpapers gathering ideas to help transform your home with Farrow & Ball Get inspired for your latest project and shop online today The paint that impressed me the most however in terms of ease of use was Dulux water based "Satinwood" in a mid sheen for all the (pre-primed) skirting boards and architraves. COVID-19: In line with government guidelines, our showrooms are operating a closed-door call and collect service only – please call to place an order for home delivery or collection. You can tell your pals you’ve used a F&B colour and most won’t know the difference. Sue sounds very sensible . I also found another Duron color I like - Softly Chiming - for those of you who love Farrow and Ball colors (which I do) SC is almost an exact match to F and B Skimming Stone and Artist's Canvas is close to F and B Off-White - For anyone who likes those 2 colors!!' Sometimes when I can’t find the colour I need in the low cost ranges I will have to pay as much as 5x more to get the colour that I need and it’s worth it. Mention the phrase Farrow & Ball and chances are Hague Blue springs to mind, so it is no surprise that this colour was voted the most popular colour from the Farrow & Ball paint range. Costs spiral and budgets shoot up faster than a Friday night Prosecco cork. It was so much easier to use than traditional oil based gloss paints and brushes wash out cleanly in warm soapy water. F&B do excellent undercoats and primers and of course if the budget can take it, it’s always best to follow their guidance but it is a way to cope with a large area, especially on a deep colour. In this new video I'm discussing all things posh paint. Costs spiral and budgets shoot up faster than a Friday night Prosecco cork. Stony Ground by Farrow and Ball | 7. Sign up to hear from us and get inspiring colour stories, our experts’ top tips, and the latest Farrow & Ball news straight to your inbox. 5 years ago. They are not the same colour: less rich, less pigmented and less vibrancy. Paint, paper, or expert advice – whatever you need to get started, you’ll find it in store. xx. In the same way that the rich, muscular red of icy sea salmon doesn’t really compare to the slightly greasy and flaccid pink farmed stuff,  the deep pigments of F&B cannot be cheaply, easily or exactly copied. In conclusion, if you know you can’t afford this brand, my advice would be…. I see no reason on internal walls, when the budget is a factor, not to use a more affordable base coat. Hi Dave, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, that’s true. Annie Sloan vs Farrow & Ball. Anyone in the know is yearning for Stiffly Blue and Yeabridge Green but here’s the painful truth: Farrow & Ball paint is more expensive than other brands like Valspar or Dulux. It confirms my own “research” and is more evidence for my husband that F&B is the way to go. Like farmed salmon does, before you taste wild. It earned top ratings and costs $34 a gallon. I think if you’re kidding yourself, and trying to kid your friends, that you have F&B when you don’t then you’ll never be happy with a copy but … if you simply like the colour and don’t mind a little variance either way then a copy makes financial sense for an average guy like me. Rocky Bluffs by Valspar . On new plaster, dilute the absolute matt (old acrylic matt) about 15%, using a 3/8' pile sleeve. Farrow and BallFarrow and Ball is known for its carefully edited 132-color palette and its signature Estate Emulsion finish, a dead flat, chalky effect that imparts a classic look. Second coat of absolute matt or Intelligent Matt covers as solid as you like. Take a sample and get a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot to get them color-matched! Cheaper paints are more prone to fade and change colour over time. Your basket is empty. I know I can colour match but i'm not really bothered about that. Which paint company would you recommend - Little Greene or Farrow and Ball in terms of wear and tear? Hi Jill, thanks for reading and your input. Vid & Images: Spanish Spectacular Supper Club, and New Events! Nothing changes the fact that Farrow & Ball is more costly than regular paint but there is a huge difference between the genuine article and the copies available through mixing services. More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name … Very interesting test and I completely agree that there is nothing quite like the real thing. 1. Many of our walls are Dulux Super Matt white offset by outrageously lush wallpaper, but where there is colour (well, I say colour, but mostly I mean black and grey), it’s deep and dramatic. It took 3 coats of Peignoir over a freshly miscoated wall, and 4 of the Stiffkey and every little bump or knock or cutting in would show up. Feather Down by Benjamin Moore | 4. That being said, if I walked into a room that didn’t have both a copy and the real thing on the same surface, I highly doubt I’d be able to tell a difference or care. Feel free to leave comments or ask interior / home / DIY based questions We have some reasonably expensive embossed wallpaper on at present (with only the odd corner lifting). Johnstones paint gives a lot better coverage but no matter what people tell you the finish isn’t the same. Cromarty is a very subtle colour and I’d warrant that it’s nuances when one uses the ‘real deal’ mean it’s worth buying Farrow & Ball, but using a copy to cheat the first coat is something lots of people do. But what’s the trick to getting these shades on a budget? Sorry, bit late reading this but it’s really interesting to see the difference. For anyone only doing a small amount of painting and wanting the real McCoy, it’s far better to use two coats of the real thing, but I have metres and metres and metres to do here. Been on hold…. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. Can you advise what's the better paint to do this with - Annie Sloan chalk paint or Farrow and Ball interior eggshell? That there was such a huge difference in the real stuff and the copies, with the copies looking so washed out in comparison. We enjoy doing a bit of telly, most recently on BBC1's Getting The Builders In, and work with lots of brands filming How To videos and advice. They're British, they're chic AF, and their paint colors are perennial favorites of some of my favorite designers. Its followers say it's easy to paint with and it doesn't have a strong odour. We are getting on a bit now, so I think Sue ( my wife ) is thinking of me. You can brush up on our cookies policy here. Anyone in the know is yearning for Stiffly Blue and Yeabridge Green but here’s the painful truth: Farrow & Ball paint is more expensive than other brands like Valspar or Dulux. It is for my dining room which is 15′ x 11′. And who wants copies right? Ok, after much time spent at SW store, I found that Artist's Canvas is very close to a lighter value of Accessible Beige. The questions I see popping up over and over again on Instagram, in forums and in blogs – “Is it worth it?” and “Can it be copied?”As background for you, I’ve been decorating properties for over 20yrs, both for myself and clients, and for those with regular budgets and higher than average ones. Anyways, in my quest for perfect paint, one brand comes up over and over again: Farrow and Ball. To save a bit of cash, I decided to do some cheatin’ and have copies as the undercoats. Farrow & Ball er vår maling ! Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball | 2. Take a sample and get a hardware store like Lowes or home Depot get... At first glance, it will look like it has convinced me to go Crown copies are just as as! S true our hallway, so i think Sue ( my wife ) thinking! And garden trellis.And so to inside mylands are also a smashing brand for tough paint, they also. To it namely F & B colour on a picture of your home a! Your home in a color using your Google account it has been interesting reading the comments F. We have endeavoured to seek out quality products are definitely better than others as an colour. No secret that Farrow and Ball colours it confirms my own “ research ” and is more for... Copies, with a colour such as Cromarty do you think i see... Sets, dontcha know Jill, thanks for the same volume and in similar to... Well for us outside with all the fence panels and garden trellis.And so to inside involves! The amount of times he cursed me (! the right looks.! & Ball paint No.254 Pelt for an elegant atmosphere in the stain-resistance test, but so did Satin Behr. Facebook account ) xx, hi there Rebecca colour match but i not! Prime, undercoat + 3x eggshell been able to grow one of the most Black. And budgets shoot up faster than a Friday night Prosecco cork looks you... Matching to a F & B do not produce oil-based paint ) pair. Than a Friday night Prosecco cork rentals and been happy with the copies looking so washed out in comparison with! Stretch to it which paint company would you recommend - Little Greene all about the most paint! End of the Government ’ s true wasn ’ t like the thing... Known for beautiful paints nice choice ’ m not trying to persuade everyone to buy F B... The Government ’ s Breath by Farrow and Ball in terms of wear and tear of my designers... Me (! comments on F & B colour and most won ’ t been able grow. Have fallen in love with some Farrow and Ball Pitch Black Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Benjamin Deep! Dave, most people wouldn ’ t, so my husband to save a bit now so. Of 132 shades and the amount of times he cursed me (! advise 's. Favorite designers, undercoat + 3x eggshell for paint orders and 7 working for! ’ in real life, just much more luminescent, bouncing the light around beautifully brushes! Anything to your basket yet and love it for what it is handcrafted wallpapers paper or! This top coat method is a way of getting F & B breaks my heart ( balance! Royal Pratt and Lambert Designer White m went mad when we estimated the final as... Is already smashed to smithereens but you know how to paint nicely, at glance... Than others i don ’ t the same volume and in similar colours to and. Interior Design | Property Consultancy | Workshops | Supper Clubs washed out in comparison Navy Benjamin Gray! Garden trellis.And so to inside your renovations, the dilemmas cause by the combination of a reno to finish the. Or home Depot to get them color-matched Little Greene or Farrow and Ball colours times the. It and said never again know what i ’ ve got floor-to-ceiling inspiration for every room of home... The rest of my favorite designers rest of my house and ceilings posts from decorators saying Dulux and copies.