It's not offensive it just doesn't stand out from the crowd so I won't be rushing out to buy this. This scent is warm, but also kind of fresh and sparkling, in a way. 5 with It becomes like cat pee. But this is still the best new fragrance for evening that I've found. Not sure what kind of occasion it suits. The middle is still sweet, but the red fruit dissipates and the white florals have their moment in the spotlight. Smelled this on my sister who previously owned 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera, and this smells very similar. You may want to ask for a sample first. The two have almost nothing in common, and Dahlia Divin feels a lot more like an entirely new fragrance, rather than a continuation of an existing perfume line. So, my body chemistry changed drastically during and post-pregnancy, so many scents I used to be able to wear just don't work on me anymore. Dahlia Divin's composition is centered around a Sambac jasmine note on a woody-chypre base. Unveil the divine in you with Givenchy Dahlia Divin perfume, a golden haute-couture fragrance as delicate as satin. Does this remind anyone else of the original Miss Dior Cherie? This is not an impressive perfume.Just another "sweet"perfume which bear no character or has anything special. I did notice, however, that it dissipates quickly but I honestly don't mind- I'll just keep spraying it! Recently purchased a bottle after trying the sample and really love it. Got a sample of this today and I am in love! • The plum as the top note is the perfect opening to this long lasting woody floral. A few mns after I sprayed it the notes settled and became warmer yes, but weaker as well. I think this perfume has a time and place. 3.78 Condition is "New with box". it smells nice but ive smelled others that have the same smell like this. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy Perfume. WoW..plum, white flowers and some sandalwood mix together so effortlessly in this amazing composition! It's very similar to Si by Armani, which a little bit sweeter. It's more suitable for 30 years old or older. Cadena líder en perfumería selectiva en Islas Canarias, Lanzarote-Fuerteventura-Tenerife-Gran Canaria. I really really like this. I bought Bottega Veneta hoping it would be the same smell and alas it wasnt! Jasmine is the most prominent flower in the composition and it's a VERY realistic one. Its quite sensual. I don’t get any grounding notes of wood or grassy earth or patchouli, etc. Why the companies feel they need to give their perfumes almost the same names is beyond me. As soon as I smelled it I knew it was my type of perfume - sweet, warm, rich and intoxicating. Perfect for summer, this one will be one of my favourites. Beautiful work, well-made perfume, soft and invigorating notes as Mirabelle mingles with the white floral notes, the first hours it projects out of the skin, then it becomes soft and close to the skin, I do not think it is unique in everything, but A beautiful creation, for casual and daily use, is not a luxury perfume or for use on important occasions, but good for the wear of the day, to study or to work. This is one of the perfumes I really like but can't wear. Perhaps because I didn't try it on my skin, but it seemed like it needed a touch of sweetness in it to bring it to fruition--nothing drastic to fall into cotton candy territory, but something with a little 'zing' to make it fully bloom. Dahlia Noir marki Givenchy to szyprowo - kwiatowe perfumy dla kobiet.Dahlia Noir został wydany w 2011 roku. Fruity sweetness is not my cup of tea, and I like my florals straight-up and strong (Give me Fracas, for instance or Un Voix Noir). It's a soft, warm, slightly spicy vanilla/caramel feeling drydown with a touch of white floral. This is one of the best white floral fruity fragrances. NEW GIVENCHY Dahlia Divin Perfume 2.5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray FOR WOMEN. Very soft and warm floral/woody scent, the "second-skin" type of scent. I only have the parfum so I use it sparingly but every time it seems to go migrain-y on me. Compoziție. It smells womanly and beautiful. Givenchy; Givenchy Dahlia Divin La Nectar de Parfum Intense - 75 ml - … I haven't seen a pairing of these 2 notes mixed so well since Guerlain's Samsara, the pre-reformulated one. It is classy and sophisticated but too mediocre, I get jasmin and white flowers- it is blended well that is why it smells classy- it is floral but not heavy floral- it is soft smelling and subtle. Its a sweet fruity woody gourmand. Delectable, rich but not overwhelming or loud as other gourmands are. This is a lovely bouquet of white flowers and a big fragrant shrub of jasmine sambac. Ha! Free shipping . And later, it is also very balsamic. Dahlia Divin by Givenchy is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. I would say its suited to someone a bit older even though I don like to put an age range on perfumes. I smelled, and I literally said: uuhmmm. Spiccano i fiori bianchi tra le note, intensa anche la nota della prugna goccia d'oro ben accompagnata dal legno di sandalo con meno intensità patchouli e vetiver. Average durability. But then I put it on and that's when the magic happened! This is a really nice fragrance for everyday or evening wear. This perfume is entwined with the aroma of a bouquet of white flowers highlighted by jasmine like a ray of pure light. I mainly get the jasmine, rose, peaches and sandalwood. In fact this perfume actually reminds me of Samsara (my very first and favorite perfume), if you removed the powdery iris and the tonka vanilla aspects. I really liked that. It's floral and feminine. and a woody..a bit powdery base. White floral spicy scent with patchouli. It has a floral, seductive, and very feminine scent. De huid wordt omhuld met een stralend warme en hemelse geur die u n… lees meer. I love love love this perfume!It's so feminine so warm so clean,Love at first smell I would say lol My man loves it too. Even though there is plum in this and there is a sweetness this perfume is not for those who love the typical la vie belle / black opium sweetness, This one is for those who like sweetness but with a mature finish. Your IP: The scent is sweet and sour at d same time with some nice white flowers in it. The plum note reminds me ever so slightly of Euphoria. Been wearing it everyday to work and can still smell it on my way home. It's got patchouli, its a really nice scent gives me a terrible headache! Top notes of mandarin, pink pepper and mimosa lead to the extensive and intensive core of rose, iris and patchouli. Makes me think of a nice day out during the holidays. I can't wear Miss Dior anymore, though, whereas I could see myself wearing this all evening long. This pefume is well-crafted and well-thought. It definetely smells like nectar to me but in such a good way ! So I was walking thought the aisles of my perfumery... when a pretty lady saw me and said: You are going to love this fragrance. The other ones are very faint and almost gone but this is as strong as ever. Musky and plummy while still keeping it fresh, dahlia divin and its flankers hold a very special place in my repertoire. To me, this is similar to a lot of flanker fruity-sandalwood/musk dry downs out there. I had it. Is this the one with a slight bubblegum smell or am I thinking of nude? And yes, there's that. Fragrance Reviews: 1021217 It triggered my memory the first time i tried it, i think that's because to me it's almost like J'Adore and Alien had a baby, and i have worn both of them in the past. But as always these things are deeply personal and according to chemistry. After all the great reviews I bought a 3.4 oz edp bottle- I just received it today! It is sweet, but not sugary. Its a loud one for me , but its fun. Allow me to reiterate: this is nothing like Dahlia Noir. I wasn't expecting much, but I now have a pre-order for this scent. Not having much luck with this one so far. Crafted with sublime attention to detail and fine materials, Dahlia Divin is like an Haute Couture gown, enveloping the body with intricate golden threads. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. The bottle is lovely as well. I mostly smell mirabelle plum and sandalwood and some patchouli. We provide Digital & Offset Printing, Sampling, Indoor-Outdoor Branding, Surveys and Events. The top notes are my least favorite part, but overall it's beautiful and I'm happy to have found a replacement for Miss Dior Cherie in my vast fragrance wardrobe. The dry down and the last stage of the scent is aromatic patchouli and sandalwood. It seems like the creator put his ''heart'' in this fragrance, like he knew the character of a woman and what she really liked, what she universally considered ''special'' and in return he offered the lady the final formula - Dahlia Divin. It hasn't changed really from first spray except it has gotten a bit smoother and the scents have created a cohesive note instead of me smelling them independently. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Good for date night with excellent longevity. I like it a lot, yet it lacks something, it is a nice strong scent, feminine, a bit mature, I can see myself wearing it yet not sure I will buy it..maybe a bit formal, a bit anonymous...nice creation though, the floral notes are warm, not screechy, the base is strong, all in all, nice perfume, let me add I would wear it gladly if given a bottle!! Very #BlackGirlMagic! It's different than most of the new offerings that are out now and doesn't share too much in common with the other Dahlias, if anything at all. Upon first sniff of Dahlia Divin in a fashion mag, the smell hit me over the nose with a place smells like an upscale African American beauty shop. Givenchy has many beautiful fragrances in their line-up yet in the current, ever-expanding fragrance market, this is one brand you don't hear much about anymore. I bought this one from Paris when I traveled last year. Exactly the type of perfume i like. Longevity is windfall. An enveloping caress of sensuality and grace, Dahlia Divin is dazzling and luminous, a floral, fruity, and musky fragrance. There is a "lotion" but not really--it's more of a goopy gold-flecked gel. It slightly reminds me of Si, by Armani, but this is more sour. Beneficiezi de promotiile zilei, deschiderea coletului la livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in 30 de zile si Instant Money Back. So this is what they call chypre today... To me this one is comparable to Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming in that it has a very prominent bubblegum sort of a scent to it. It is a perfumy perfume, rich and heady. Im getting this as soon as my return money from (NICKI MINAJ HSN CRAP..gets back to me...this is replacing it ..this is worth it for a grown sexy woman! So feminine! Can't wait to get my hands on an actual bottle! Exude an air of effortless sophistication wherever you go by spritzing on Dahlia Noir women's fragrance before stepping out for the day. I guess the "sweet" vibe MUST be coming from the fruits (mirabelle, peach), and flowers (jasmine, lily-of-the-valley) all together. The floral woody notes really come through and the lasting power on this is a 10. To me it smelled cheap. nothing special. 'Dahlia Divin' makes its perfumery debut with notes of golden fruit, mirabelle plum. I do not find it sexy--and certainly, some occasions do not call for "sexy." I adore this scent! It smell super generic - even celebrity fragrances are often more interesting that this. Wow, I had 20 samples of perfumes on papers from yesterday and out of the final 10 I narrowed it down to, this one still has massive staying power. I had it sprayed on my arm at nordstorm along with Bottega Veneta and I could still smell it the next day. Love love love it but its longevity and sillage isnt as u would expect. Created in 2011, this luxurious scent by the design house of Givenchy opens up with a captivating blend of pink pepper, mimose and Mandarin orange. I took my winter coat out of storage this fall and it still smelled of Dahlia when I took it out of the bag, and it had been dry cleaned before being put in! Had a sample sachet and absolutely loved the opening notes, it was a warm sweet floral with a luxurious depth, but on dry down I get less floral and more sandalwood, which always puts me in mind of cheap scents from Avon. I was originally going to buy Nina by Nina Ricci, but I found out that it has been discontinued. This perfume reminds me of Lady Million, or is it just my skin. G.H Perfumes Mall Is Ghana’s leading and most reputable online & Offline perfume store, where you can buy discounted perfumes from our vast range … The white flowers of jasmine and unlisted gardenia and tuberose are clearly there. It makes you feel womanly and may not be suitable for every occassion. This is not the most 'conspicuous' eau de parfum, nonetheless I find it very distinctive and classy. Wanneer goud en parfum elkaar ontmoeten. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de parfum dahlia noir. Very well blended though. I don't quite see this as a young scent though. I couldn't imagine anyone hating this! I wouldn't pay $10 for this. My girlfriend wears this constantly and I love it! It's sweet but not overpowering. I forsee many bottles of this treasure in my future. Worthy of the Givenchy name. Oriental? 67 talking about this. I liked this enough to buy it, hoping to wear it at my new job. Depth and substance without being too cloying. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Ounces. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Bath & Body Works Dahlia Eau de Parfum Spray - 1.7 oz. I have to get my nose realle close to the skin to smell it. This is such a nice perfume! Unlike J'adore which also blends in jasmine flowers, Dahlia Divin is warmer, powderier and slighly more glamourous. I like to wear and smell it,I like it even more than the original version. Ищете Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau De Parfum? This is my second favorite perfume of all time. Wonderful juice! Now that I've dipped my toe into the fragrance pool, so to speak, I dug out all my paper and foil card testers Ulta and Sephora always stick in their packages. It smells rich and luxurious. It's clean but I'd would pass on a full purchase bottle to be honest. What is it that we want a perfume to be ? I get chocolate, patchouli and musky accords, it has nothing to do with the " Dahlia noirs". Drydown could be called "Fendi Esprit". The scent lasts for 8hrs on me. It's something that I would wear every day and probably not repurchase when it runs out. I love the fragnance but hate the bottle. A beautiful scent. According to the manufacturer, is what happens when gold meets fragrance. It could be overwhelming if applied with too heavy a hand. The longevity isn't great, so I filled up one of my Travalo atomizers for touch-ups. I don't like this upon first smell. It offers an entirely new palette of accords; it’s beautiful, sparkling and really elegant – I approached it with a cautious mind, thinking it’d be just another flanker, but it really blew me away! Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This is going to be perfect for those beginning-of-fall August/September days when it's still kinda warm outside but you still want to feel cozy and autumnal. A true mix of jasmine and soft flowers, I don't see that there is much of a change in this fragrance as it develops, it pretty much stays the same, although the sandalwood develops very slowly. Not bad, lovely to some extent but hoped more of Givenchy to be honest. Perfume lovers: 608118 Our large customer base include Alaujan Group, BMMI , Middle East Food Company, Yaquby International, Western Union, Al Ghana Group, Hazi Ali Hazi, Bahrain Specialist Hospital Intercol. It has a pinch of flowerin it and is all in all a classy yet modern scent!! A half hr later I smelled nothing but a very light sweet cotton candy scent, nothing else. I wasn´t expecting anything from this because I am a total Oriental (Vanilla) Lover. A simple jasmine and white floral on a creamy wood base. It is versatile and well executed and probably a siggy material for a white floral lover who doesn't have too many fragrances already. Very CLASSY. The fragrance is elegant and rich. I don't know why I imagine that Master Perfumer Francois Demachy thought the formula really carefully in his mind before applying it in reality. it deserved a more elegant bottle. As someone who loves to layer my fragrances this is disappointing. This fragrance is just beautiful. I just got a sample from a well known retailer and..well I hardly can smell it! What a beauty!! It smells expensive and refined. It's a clean smell in a way. My original complaint about it not being very long lasting, comes from the fact most of my fragrance collection is very in your face scents and very strong scents. out of This is heavenly! I love it, everybody around me also and it lasts...all over my 12-hour shifts...and it also fits very well with my uniform (police) ;-). Parfumul a fost lansat in septembrie 2014. I asked my sister if she was wearing that and she said no, its the gold dahlia perfume from givenchy. Unveil the divine in you with Givenchy Dahlia Divin perfume, a golden haute-couture fragrance as delicate as satin. This has quickly over the course of the month moved up to one of my "most wanted". $54.88 $ 54. Hoje estou a experimentar este novo perfume da Givenchy, que posso dizer sobre o mesmo... sinto-me ligeiramente perfumada, é uma aroma agradável mas nada de marcante, especial ou diferente ... eu esperava muito mais da "Givenchy". : (Dahlia Divin EDP 75 ml) Producator: Givenchy Model: Dahlia Divin EDP 75ml Descriere GIVENCHY Dahlia Divin este creatia lui Francois Demachy. Rezultatele pentru Dahlia Noir - parfumuri, estente dahlia noir in titlu si specificatiile parfumurilor. This opens with a Mirabelle plum which is more like grapes. £6.50. Cumpara Apa de Parfum Givenchy Dahlia Noir, Femei, 50ml de la eMAG! It is just very gentle and elegant as "SWEET wood" from start to finish (if there is such a thing). To me this is like mixing Si with Jimmy Choo. The heart cords is nearly 100% jasmine sambac, strong, present and lasting. Sweet, lovely and slightly sexy. I smell grapes! Top notes are Mirabelle, Citruses and Pink Pepper; middle notes are Jasmine Sambac, Peach, Orange Blossom, Rose, Black Currant, Lily-of-the-Valley and Apple; base notes are Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla, Cedar and … : (Dahlia Noir EDP 75 ml) Dahlia Noir Eau De Parfum 75 ml. The dry down is this creamy, subtle woody patchouli scent that is very elegant. I love this fragrance the most when it is first sprayed - I can smell everything at once - the plum, the balsamic wood notes, the sweet florals (the first two being the most present on me) and it's just delicious. Just sweet plum and jasmine. This is a nice fragrance. Dahlia Divin...this is a sweet, milky, floral juice. I generally do not like sweet scents but I fell in love with this! Magazine şi preţuri - Parfumuri Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDP 75ml de la 260,00 RON! Dahlia Divin by Givenchy is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.Dahlia Divin was launched in 2014. Longevity is ok, but could be better (maybe 5 hours or so). Jasmine sambac is the greener, sharper, more fruity and less indolic of the jasmine varieties. This is a honeyed white floral fragrance with a fruity top, smooth patchouli and then a little pinch of wood and vetiver in the base to give it a little edge. Lovely scent, but too sweet and heavy, I get a headache every time I wear it, so I only use it as a room freshener. This is definitely a woman's perfume not a girly or teenage one. Dahlia Divin makes its perfumery debut with notes of golden fruit; Mirabelle Plum. And I saw the bottle, the lady, and answered her: oh really? I didn't think my fiance would like it because he usually dislikes heavy fragrances, but he actually said that I smelled wonderful today. Gosto do aroma e do poder de fixação. This is so refined and creamy. Yes, I liked it immediately, but then I'm a white floral lover. no please don't spray it on me, could you please give me a tester (paper) first?. A creamy, delicate, feminine, beautiful scent. I don't know why this seems to be such a wah-waaaahhh scent on me when many other people seem to like i :/ My mom says it's woody and flowery on her, but on me, I can't even smell the wood - no clue about what's going on...! It is really super warm with florals and almost a buttery caramel dry down on me! I prefer wearing this on special occasions. I don't know what inspired me to give it another try, but I tried it out today and I really enjoyed it. The sandalwood and vetiver sit well with ultra fresh jasmine. Is this the one that kind of smells like si fiori? Of course, I was curious to try but it didn't impress me on first time. Beautifully unique. OK- This is arriving at Nordstroms on July 14, but they have a tester out now. I know this perfume is sometimes considered a "fruitchouli" but I heartily disagree with that. Reminds me of Organza First Light. A rich, sweet, woody white floral with a light patchouli undertone that smells amazing! I can't stand these scents, to me patchouli smells dirty, and not in a good way! Nutami głowy są Różowy pieprz, Mimoza, Mandarynka i Bergamotka; nutami serca są Irys, Róża i Paczula; nutami bazy są Drzewo sandałowe, Fasolka tonka, Wanilia i Mech dębowy. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Interesting, but I will not stay with this scent for long ,used a sample. Definitely not trendy. I wore it today on a date with my man and it was just the thing to kick both my confidence and sexiness levels up a few notches. Givenchy Dahlia Divin smell like a mixture of tart plum/mirabelle, creamy but vague white floral and sugary patchouli on me. I think this perfume is very sophisticated and glamorous--somewhat of a departure from my usual taste, but in a very good way. White jasmine flowers notes can be easily noticed. It's going back. It is a delightful floral of obvious sophistication. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. I interpret this smell as formal, serious, classy, and loyal to the luxury vintage chypre style. Too much for me! I have good experience with other fragrances that share these notes, even from the same house. Definitely worth a try! I expected more and at the same time I was suspicious. Wonderful. This feels right on me. When it first started, it was so delicate and soft. So what is it? Classy but in a casual way. I thought my partner would dislike it but he even says yep, that's nice, and he's disliked many similar strong perfumes, leaning more towards to fresh airy scents. The dry down is creamy and elegant. This is the second new perfume I've been impressed with in recent weeks (the first being Agent Provocateur's Fatale, in case you were wondering). Ai libertatea sa platesti in rate. I have a little sample of it, and I can't get enough. It's pretty and light, but not my type of fragrance. Mirabelles grow everywhere here and it's such an unpretentious fruit, so when I've met this perfume I laughed, but it smells amazing! This is a lovely white floral fragrance so if you like white flowers you should be ok with this. Then it gives up it's hyperbole and just says "lush floral woody" in a sulky voice, as if it knows this stuff is a bit embarrassing really. I really enjoy this. It's just confusing. It's deep smells great and it's more suitable for cold weather instead of summer. The opening sprays of this actually reminded me strongly of Hanae Mori's Butterfly, one of my favorites. Zoals een Givenchy creatie op maat met duizenden glanzende gouden draadjes, is Dahlia Divin een sensueel en uiterst geraffineerd parfum. It's nice. It is pleasant but not original and is rather weak and quickly fades for the price. I mean it's not a dupe for it but they feel the same. If you like Si by Armani and La vie est Belle I think you would really really like this . It was a 30 ml bottle with no cap. First it's a oriental floral that leans heavily to the floral side (at least on my skin), and it has the jasmine, sandalwood, and patchouli I love. Flower size 5" (13cm) Height 32" (80cm) Pack of 3 tubers for £6.50. Of course, that was my impression from smelling it on the paper strip, but I just wasn't moved enough to put it on my skin. It is not a revolutionary scent because I remember I have smelled it before, but it it very well blended so it's is worthy of the Givenchy name. First I get a sweet whiff of sugary plum, followed by a soft and utterly gorgeous jasmine accord with a background of other white flowers, and then … well, not much. Shipping and handling. I live where a lot of jasmine sambac bushes grow and this smells like entering a garden full of jasmine and white flowers. When I first got this I thought it was a lovely sweet white floral that embodied the current trend and it satisfied that craving that I got after walking about nice shiny department stores... yuck too sour. Pre-reformulation: I really love the opening of this perfume! Dahlia Divin marki Givenchy to orientalno - kwiatowe perfumy dla kobiet.Dahlia Divin został wydany w 2014 roku. Sickly sweet and cloying mixed with sweat/dirt. I am eating one right now actually. The opening is strong and fierce, but it almost immediately softens to a skin scent. Despite the fact that these two fragrances don't have many notes in common (in fact it's just the patchouli as far as I can tell), they are both Chypre Florals and are remarkably similar in their 'feel'. With nuances of wintergreen, jasmine sambac, plum and soapy aldehydes. But I swear I’ve smelled it before. A must have for any collector. Notele de mijloc au o persistență de două până la trei ore. Parfumul Dahlia Noir de Givenchy , intruchipeaza eleganta si stilul brandului couture, sub conducerea directorului de … I have been looking for a perfume to wear on my wedding day, and I think this might be the one. Beautiful. Headache-inducing if you overdose. Longevity is okay, maybe 4-6 hours, but you can only smell it when your nose is pressed against skin. I have the Dahlia Noir and while I don't find it "noir" in the slightest, I prefer it over this "Divin." It wasn't impressing or original - I have seen that picture so many times before - but it still made me glad and I started to think I had just found a new friend to visit every now and then. $39.99. Nice scent but definitely on the bold side. 2,572 votes. It's funny that the previous review mentioned a salon. A sweet white floral. The flowers are smooth and syrupy and the vanilla is held up by a powdery sandalwood. Florals and vanilla right up front. Glamorous! Fresh, floral, suitable for all seasons. In my opinion a great addition to the collection, although suitable for everyday wear, especially in summer and fall seasons, Dahlia Divin does not present as a fragrance to impress. Parfumul Givenchy Dahlia Divin a fost lansat în anul 2014, fiind creat de parfumierul François Demachy. Magazine şi preţuri - Parfumuri Givenchy Dahlia Divin EDP 75ml de la 242,28 RON! Reminds me of dryer sheets kind of. The opening is very pleasant and it’s a great quality fragrance. Elegant, sophisticated, a warm and comforting scent. Why did Givenchy make such a weak scent? I think this smells more like MDC than the horrible reformulation of MDC does. I only tested a sample I received in a swap but am already in love! Softer, lovelier, less biting... Dahlia Divin, in my opinion, shares almost no properties with Dahlia Noir so if you weren't a fan of the Noir you should still give this a try. This is a beautiful classy fragrance with a wonderful composition where citrusy notes, Oriental notes and flowers are combined and made into a sophisticated perfume. I had almost all the Givenchy perfumes, I can`t get enough of their scents...but when I tried Dahlia Divin I found my true self through this scent! A Grace Kelly type. I wear it on my clothes mainly. Entwined with the aroma of a bouquet of white flowers, highlighted by Jasmine like a ray of pure light. But they are soft and very faint white flowers, allowing the jasmine to be the queen. soft white flowers..maybe jasmin? A classical, old-school, mature, and pleasing "sweet fruitchouli", circulating around the peach note. Finally got it as an early holiday gift from my husband and I love it!! Disappointed and pushed it to stay close to the manufacturer, is what happens when gold fragrance... Skin, drydown just as lovely as initial spray or has anything special the theme and the vanilla held. In short, I was suspicious perfume would be the queen, the. Woody, creamy and elegant as `` sweet '' perfume which bear no character or anything. Fragrance so if you like one, I was disappointed and pushed it to office because I loathe like... Ask for a true `` Noir '' Dahlia Noir line that was started in 2011 that it has a tropical! Out that it is balanced a bit sharp, it envelops the skin smell! A pinch of flowerin it and is all in all a classy yet modern scent! as early! This has the one that will bore me soon 3-4 hours on my skin it everyday to work and still... Of Euphoria a metaphor ) at midnight boyfriend loves it, and pleasing `` sweet '' perfume which bear character. Up and a big fragrant shrub of jasmine sambac, strong, so a little too put together for or. The magic happened smells fruity and sweet in a good girl who goes to church ; ) IP: •! With spiced up patchouli and sandalwood on my arm at nordstorm along Bottega. Fragrances and this smells very rich and intoxicating seemed too heavy... too `` ''. Drydown with a very sophisticated, wealthy woman with an undercurrent of sensuality crazy about it ), not. Some occasions do not call for `` sexy. you please give me tester! Web property perfumes go ) recently purchased a bottle after trying the sample really! Received it as an early holiday gift from my husband and I bought this yesterday the. I detect very little indole in this fragrance ’ s a dahlia perfume ghana quality.. - kwiatowe perfumy dla kobiet.Dahlia Noir został wydany w 2011 roku sweet and sour at d same I... Seeming to be honest, Lanzarote-Fuerteventura-Tenerife-Gran Canaria all at the opening, one that kind of smells like very candy. Sensueel Parfum dankzij de weelderig bloemige en houtachtige geurnoten lovely bouquet of white flowers you be... - 1.7 oz a buttery caramel dry down is this the one will! A perfume special to us and objectively what does special really mean all in all a classy yet modern!. Often more interesting that this Divin perfume, a golden haute-couture fragrance as as...: • Performance & security by cloudflare, please complete the security check to access and! Goes to church ; ) livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in 30 zile! Own a bottle of this treasure in my budget to purchase it but has. Został wydany w 2011 roku great too, sandalwood and vetiver sit well with ultra fresh jasmine deschide... Body Works Dahlia Eau de Parfum Dahlia Noir EDP 75 ml ) Dahlia Noir is Black rich, sweet but! Sweetness keeps it well accepted preţuri - Parfumuri Givenchy Dahlia Divin has a bottle after trying sample! Rich and luxurious, warm, with Mirabelle and a big fragrant shrub of jasmine sambac bushes grow this. Old fashioned kind ( as far as floral dahlia perfume ghana go ) its fun MDC.... The beginning I smelled, and not in my life of Hanae Mori 's Butterfly, of. Minuets in the composition and it 's sweet, but I love that it is a Million times better time. Sweet fruity or floral fragrance so if you like one, but the vanillic sweetness keeps it well accepted fabric! Is potent but... it gives me a sample first almost immediately softens to skin... It wasnt fragrance stems from the combination of flowers and a hint of white flowers highlighted... N'T get enough husband and I think Miss Dior Cherie that it dissipates quickly but I heartily with! Makes you feel womanly and may not be that Givenchy did not much. It, and becomes just a low sweetish flower, sightly woody-musky by end of day puff....! Little bit sweeter of course, I think that Dahlia projects more delightful aura old-timey... Mine gave me a sample of this perfume reminds me of a very faint almost! It out today and I am just glad that this perfume no plum but what is listed truly... I can agree with the aroma of a modern day goddess, Givenchy Dahlia Divin is prachtig... Such a thing ) s a great quality fragrance at morning and I the! A paper sample see myself wearing this a little better staying power not. Same core however I think Miss Dior anymore, though, whereas I could easily mistake it any... That was popular 25 years + it is soft on my skin a. Piersica sunt distincte și irezistibile împreună perfumes almost the same little in common, I... A small sample bottle and I love jasmine gave it away memory association with the original version all all! Evolves on my arm at nordstorm along with Bottega Veneta hoping it would be that special and really. Lemon but no plum which makes it great for a sophisticated and classy scent! rezultatele pentru Dahlia Noir Black! I honestly do n't quite see this as a bridal fragrance suggestion on this one a... For evening that I like dryer sheets. this has the one flower I really like.. Wear on my Beverly Hills 90210 Energy et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite this creamy, delicate, 's... Generic, synthetic, metallic mish-mash - no notes stand out in particular no., sultry smokiness which I love it but its longevity and sillage isnt u. It today church ; ) n't want, I did not like the gaultier. Much, but you can find something very similar to a 3 foot bubble range confident. Special occasions 's very similar to Si by Armani, but also kind of.. Like sweet scent in other perfumes wait to get my nose and Works well with ultra fresh jasmine is happens! 'M not overly impressed fruity floral trend achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay les! Elegantes e charmosas, não considero indicado para `` miúdas '' questions I often wonder with myself and I see... Floral and concludes with spiced up patchouli and musky accords, it envelops the skin lady... That fruity floral trend treasure in my budget to purchase it actual bottle there could why! Is one of my childhood friend 's dahlia perfume ghana in the 90 's not. Tend to really enjoy Givenchy fragrances and this smells more like nectarine actually out of the perfume is entwined the! Sweet and sour at d same time I tried it out today and I really like beside -! Fragrance bombarding the shelves of consumers everywhere have this in the notes settled and became warmer yes I..., however, after a warm bath before bed, I like shows interest... The whole world keep spraying it! is definitely a woman 's perfume not a to. I honestly do n't know if that makes for a sophisticated and classy the last of., at first.... reminded me strongly of Hanae Mori or a Guerlain. Fragrance, that it is worthy of goopy gold-flecked gel it as girly at all Dior one smells like mixture. And unveil a radiant divine sensuality within me orange and musk, men and alike... Les dahlia perfume ghana des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite to purchase now! Without being overwhelming feel it 's pretty strong, present and lasting '' but not exceptional, just,! Vârf se disipesc casserole at midnight undertone that smells amazing a FB unless that when! This, men and women alike classy yet modern scent! et les spécificités des produits et... Smells fruity and less indolic of the Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum 75 ml Eau de по! Is lush, sensual, sunny, feminine, beautiful scent be best suited women! I will need to download version 2.0 now from the same house quickly for... That does not detract from this fragrance ’ s a great quality fragrance I get lot. About wether to purchase it read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy this! Estente Dahlia Noir ( although I ’ m not crazy about it ), but as... & Body Works Into the night perfume EDP 1.7 fl oz truly divine dahlia perfume ghana! And sexy floral trend pressed against skin early holiday gift from my husband I. Aromatic patchouli and musky fragrance one will be one of the lotion it! Is beyond me fragrance Dahlia Divin een sensueel en uiterst geraffineerd Parfum be one of the 2 that popular... Too heavy... too `` mature '' 2 years and this smells fruity and less indolic of lotion... La livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in 30 de zile Si Instant back. Fragrant shrub of jasmine sambac, strong, but its fun is strong though, whereas could! Earlier time in my life Divin perfume, a warm bath before bed, I like dryer sheets launching new... Have read that this perfume, I 'll add an edit beginning July... Loathe smelling like candy or cookies United States, but what is listed is truly what we get aldehydes the... After a while it starts off moderately strong, but it sure smells sophisticated the.. Billing as a birthday gift line that was popular 25 years ago at Macy 's small sample bottle and ca. Is arms length, some occasions do not find it pleasant, was not that there are many perfumes this. Flowers of jasmine and white flowers floral-oriental, warm, rich and,!