The Nordic hamstring curl is a great bodyweight exercise to target the hamstrings and develop isometric, concentric, and eccentric strength and control. As a collegiate strength coach, we use Romanian deadlifts (barbells, dumbbells, unilateral Romanian deadlifts, and other variations) to increase hamstring and back strength to aid in human locomotion and movement (running, sprinting, jumping, etc). You may be able to pull conventional one or two days of the week while sumo two or three depending on leg conditioning. for this exercise starts at 50% what you usually pull for conventional, which allows you to get used to the sumo pulls technique while also having enough weight to cause the form to break when not executed properly. Most injuries happen during the first and last few reps of a set. Below, we’ll go over the exercise’s benefits, applications, and variations, and alternatives for you to try. Once you have set the back, brace the core and push the hips back while maintaining a flat back. The Romanian deadlift is an exercise that can be used to develop proper hip health and joint actions, muscle growth (hypertrophy), strength, and muscular endurance. Choosing between the two depends on your training goals, experience, and personal preferences. The knees remain slightly unlocked yet fixed throughout the movement, which better recruits the hamstring muscle. In addition, the RDL is great for targeting the posterior chain with its many variations. You’ll also add more muscle mass, and set a foundation for more advanced fitness programs involving running, jumping, and strength-based movements (deadlifts, Muscle hypertrophy can occur in response to. The Romanian Deadlift is safe for the back. A good tip for this exercise starts at 50% what you usually pull for conventional, which allows you to get used to the sumo pulls technique while also having enough weight to cause the form to break when not executed properly. Below, you will find four Romanian deadlift variations that can be integrated into training and workout programs to increase muscle mass, enhance muscle activation, and improve sport-specific movement patterning necessary for performance. This is beneficial for injury prevention for the lower back, increasing overall back strength, and improving postural control for other movements like squats, conventional and, The trapezius muscles (traps) are used to keep the torso and shoulder from rounding forwards in the lift. When looking to increase hamstring strength in the Romanian deadlift, we want to be sure to not attack in the same fashion that we would a max effort conventional or sumo deadlift. ¹. Who should perform Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)? Sumo Deadlift If you’ve been practicing the traditional deadlift on a regular basis, the sumo deadlift can break up the monotony of the same old routine. To sum up, the regular and sumo deadlift are two fantastic compound exercises that build strength over your entire body, and both movement patterns can change your body dramatically. Sumo deadlifts have become quite popular over the past decade, and that is because pulling sumo allows you to use more weight and train more efficiently. It’s a hip dominant movement, so when it’s performed correctly direct loading on the back is pretty minimal.<\/p>\n

If you’re uncertain about your form, then it’s worth seeking out a coach.<\/p>\n"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Who should perform Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)? using a heavy load. Therefore, the other athletes and coaches simply called it, ” The Romanian Deadlift.”. These are forceful muscles that can be highly targeted by the Romanian deadlift. This means a lot of leg muscles are at work along with your lumbar region. Any injury will affect your squats and even bench press when that happens – negatively impacting your training program. Your glutes include: Gluteus maximus. What Muscles Does the Deadlift Work? Form Tip: Be patient and keep your weight back in your heels while simultaneously pushing through the toes. Deadlifts target the forearms simply because the athlete needs to grasp a loaded weight for long periods of time (or with heavier loads for shorter times). According to Jim Schmitz, a former USA Weightlifting National Team Coach, Vlad had been performing these flat-backed deadlift-like exercises after his clean and jerk training, performing triples (three reps per set) of 250 kg/550 lbs. Here’s an in-depth, step-by-step breakdown of how to do the Romanian deadlift optimally. How Many Calories Are Burned Deadlifting in One Workout? More people know about the benefits of conventional deadlifts than sumo deadlifts. Once you have assumed a position in which the hamstrings are contracted, the back is flat, and the barbell is a few inches below the knee, stand up, keeping the barbell close to your body. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. If you are looking to increase your legs’ size, sumo deadlifts are the variation to perform instead of just squats. Glutes Check out this excellent video on how to sumo deadlift featuring, There are several sumo deadlift benefits when used within an established. This will allow you to “lock” the back and minimize strain in the neck. Whereas your arms are inside your legs in the Sumo deadlift, as mentioned above. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"

The Romanian Deadlift mostly works the posterior chain muscles.<\/p>\n

The prime mover muscles for the RDL include:<\/p>\n